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Delivery: Download (~20 MB)

Price: 21 Euro

Ordering: link


The DVBViewer Media Server is a chargeable enhancement for the DVBViewer Pro.
It takes care of the recordings, as well as for streaming jobs and offers a modern and comfortable web interface. Installed as a native windows service, the Media Server is capable to start the computer from standby or hibernate.
Scheduled recordings are recorded with nearly no system in background. This is even the case, if no user is logged in and the DVBViewer is not running. Laying coax-cables in the household are no longer necessary. By virtue of the integrated server capability all DVB and Internet channels can be streamed into the home network and if necessary reencoded in to a required format.


  • Support and parallel usage of all available DVB devices
  • Usage of all stated Sat>IP servers
  • Conversion, reencoding and delivering of IPTV/Internet streams
  • integrated Sat>IP server
  • integrated UPnP/DLNA AV server with live TV, recordings, movies, music or photos streaming to UPnP/DLNA capable devices (Samsung TV, Sony PS3 etc.) or applications.
  • integrated RTSP server
  • Web-API for comfortable control by third party applications
  • integrated Web interface for usage in mobile and Desktop-browsers, with extensive possibilities of the epg display, timer programming, recording management, epg search.
  • Playback of tv and radio via Web interface
  • Usage in third party applications like Kodi
  • intelligend video recorder, which can automatically start recordings by pre defined criterias
  • automatic epg update function, which uses free DVB devices in background for collecting the data


DVBViewer Pro customers can order the Media Server via the key tool. To do so you just have to press the order button inside the application.


Once we received the incoming payment, the additional content will be unlocked in the members area and you receive a password in order to unlock the .

Important: Please make sure that you spelled your E-Mail-Adress properly and that you are able to receive eMails from us...

For the purchase of plugins/extensions and in case you forgot your lost your installation credentials you need to provide the e-mail address you originally used when you bought the DVBViewer Pro.
Should that e-mail address no longer exist our shopping system tries to automatically assign your new purchase to an existing customer/user account. If that fails we will contact you with an e-mail request for provide the original account data. We will then send you the credentials ASAP.

Increased maximum number of simultaneous live streaming clients (now 10 for the Live Streaming Server and Sat>IP Server each). Please contact us via email if you need a licence for professional purpose that supports more than 10 live streaming clients at the same time.


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